Sharpen your management skills

The NCPA Multiple Locations Conference may be near the water, but you are not on an island alone. Successful community pharmacy multiple store owners come together to learn from one another, network, and build their business. The conference includes three days of programming designed specifically with the multi-store owner in mind. Here’s a sample of what you can expect to gain:

  • Gather new profitable ideas from your peers. Operational efficiencies, revenue-generating services, or marketing strategies, your peers will Take 5! minutes to describe something that’s working well in their pharmacies. Then you’ll have 10 minutes to interact, ask questions, and offer suggestions. When time runs out, it’s on to the next one. Of course, there’s plenty of time at the NCPA Multiple Locations Conference for further one-on-one dialogue to follow up and learn more from each other. You’ll love this fast-moving time of profit pearls.
  • Plan for what you need to know (and do) in the next six months for your business. Regulatory changes, dates to remember, and key business checkpoints—you have a lot to keep up with this year. We’ve compiled a list of the most important items that should be on your radar and will give you and your staff the tools to take your list from “to do” to “done.”
  • Shoot the BreezeSM with other successful pharmacy owners. Connect with your peers in an informal non-CE format to freely discuss problems you are facing as well as provide an opportunity to brainstorm solutions to said problems.
  • Get the latest updates from Washington and throughout the states. It’s an election year, and health care is a key topic. Hear from Washington insiders how this will impact your business.

…and a new rolodex of connections to enhance your operations and business.